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7 April 2017




My monthly radio show (1st Friday of every month) went out Friday, at 9pm UK time (10pm or 22:00 in Europe) and was repeated later in the evening for America at 9pm PST (11pm CST).


The show is called CROSSING BORDERS – the official brief being “a show with guitar-based instrumental music throughout history and from around the world that utilizes some kind of echo or reverb effect on the guitar”.

North Sea Surf Radio is a 24/7 internet radio station playing instrumentals only and you can find it here: 

This month’s tracks are listed below – if you don’t want to know the score, don’t scroll down!


01  Ronnie Ray’s Playboys – The Vulture [USA 1960] 61 Classics From The Cramps’ Crazy Collection
02  The Checkmates – Interpol [UK ’60s unrel.] Collectors Guide To Brit-Pop Instros Vol.12
3  The Scorpions – Jungle Street [UK ’60s unrel.]  Collectors Guide To Brit-Pop Instros Vol.12
04  Shig & Buzz – Cavalier [USA 1994] Double Diamonds
05  Shig & Buzz – Shooting Star [USA 1996] Good Luck Charm
06  Pat Henry – Unico Camino [Chile 1960s] 60s Rock Guitar Instrumentals From Chile
07  Los Harmonics – Suspenso En Sombras [Chile 1960s]  60s Rock Guitar Instrumentals From Chile
08  The Charades – The Lonely Beach [Australia 1960s] R&R Guitars >From S.Australia Vol.7
09  The Charades – The Big Dipper [Australia 1960s] R&R Guitars >From S.Australia Vol.7
10  The Surf Coasters – Tug Of Wolves [Japan 2016] Rising
11  The Surf Coasters – New East [Japan 2016] Rising
12  The Terrorsurfs – Dust Off My Boots pt.1 [UK 2016] Zomboid Surf Attack
13  The Terrorsurfs – Ape Cape [UK 2016] Zomboid Surf Attack
14  The Terrorsurfs – Dust Off My Boots pt.2 [UK 2016] Zomboid Surf Attack
15  The Monarcs – Forever Lost [USA ’50s-’60s Yucca 172] USA R&R Instro Obscurities Vol.15
16  The Royal Jokers – Vibrations [USA 1958] USA R&R Instro Obscurities Vol.15
17  The Rockets – Gonzales [New Zealand 1961] Kiwi Instrumentals Vol.3
18  The Rockets – The Ruby And The Pearl [New Zealand 1961] Kiwi Instrumentals Vol.3
19  The 427’s – The Blue Cactus [Canada 2015] Mavericks
20  The 427’s – Yellowbelly [Canada 2015] Mavericks
21  The Treble Spankers – Malagueña [Netherlands 2016] NSSR Hardware Fundraising Compilation




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